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Reliable Vehicle Shipping - Alaska Vehicle Carriers FAQ'S

Over the years, Reliable Vehicle Shipping has become one of the leading Alaska Auto Transport companies in America and around the world. Our experience can help ensure that your Alaska Vehicle Transport experience is what is should be…easy and painless. We have heard countless disaster stories of people moving to Alaska who choose their Alaska Car Shipping company poorly. Don’t make the same mistake when it comes to your Alaska Vehicle Shipping. When you choose Reliable Vehicle Shipping as your Alaska Vehicle Shipping partner, you get the knowledge and understanding you need from your Alaska Vehicle Carriers partner; someone that has many Alaska Carriers moves under their belt and can put you in touch with someone that will vouch for Reliable Vehicle Shipping about their Alaska Carriers experience.

What carrier is used for Alaska Auto Transport?

Reliable Vehicle Shipping works with many companies for Alaska Vehicle Transport, we typically select the company that makes the most sense. The one that has the best Alaska Car Shipping price and works best with your Alaska Vehicle Shipping timeline.

How long does Alaska Vehicle Shipping take?

Alaska Vehicle Carriers takes anywhere from 10 to 21 days from Alaska to the Mainland. It can go a little faster from the Mainland to Alaska (10 and 12 days). These timelines for Alaska Carriers are an estimate and it depends on when and where we pick your car up. We recommend that you call our office to speak with one of our agents or fill or of Alaska Auto Transport form and we will contact you shortly with details!

Do I need to prepare my vehicle before Alaska Vehicle Transport?

Yes, there is some prep work for you before Car Shipping! Contact our office for details!

What kind of vehicles can I ship to Alaska?

There may be some limitations as to what types of vehicles you can ship to Alaska. As with all other Alaska Vehicle Shipping, use common sense. Some that may cause an issue are inoperable vehicles, vehicles that are large or have been significantly altered (from factory). We suggest that you contact us and let our Alaska Vehicle Carriers representative answer your possible questions and concerns.

Can I use Alaska Carriers if my vehicle does not run?

No. In order to go to Alaska, it needs to run!

Can you get my car to the port for me?

Yes we can. Obviously it can add days on to the potential Alaska Auto Transport timeline. We can and have picked up cars that are going to Alaska all from locations all over the United States and even around the world!

My Alaska Vehicle Transport window is pretty small, can you help me?

Probably, because of the nature of Alaska Car Shipping, there are some things that are out of our control. The best option is too contact our office and let our Alaska Vehicle Shipping team work with you to figure out all the Alaska Vehicle Carriers details.

Does the car need to be clean before Alaska Carriers?

Yes, we suggest that you wash your car before transport. The reason is that this allows for an easy inspection to determine pre-existing damage before and after Alaska Auto Transport.

Should I provide keys to the Alaska Vehicle Transport company during transport?

Please make sure you give a copy of your keys to our driver. Although it sounds a no brainer, test the key to make sure it works before Alaska Car Shipping.

What paperwork is required for Alaska Vehicle Shipping?

Reliable Vehicle Shipping requires registration, title, and other documents. For example, if the car is owned by a finance company, you will need notarized permission to transport before Alaska Vehicle Carriers.

What should I do upon in Alaska?

All you need to worry about is having proper identification to pick up the vehicle.

What do I do about electronic devices during transport?

We request that you disconnect any battery-operated equipment before Alaska Carriers.

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