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Moving can potentially be the most stressful adventure a family can go through. You are not only moving your possessions, but you may also need to move your car. The address stress of moving your possession on top of Auto Transport, can be too much. Let us help! We not only want to give you great Vehicle Transport service, we also want to give you information to help you along the way. This article is here to help you understand that options of getting a moving quote on top of Car Shipping. Our experience has defiantly shown us that there is a right and a wrong way to go about both moving and Vehicle Shipping. To start off, know that we are here to help! We can walk you thru each step along the way to finding the right moving company and the right Vehicle Carriers company.

Here are the “must asks”:

1) Tell me about your experience in moving and estimates?

You will defiantly want someone that has experience in both. This experience can be the defining priority when you are choosing your moving company. Find out their background and how their experience can help you get an accurate moving quote. You probably know that sales people love to talk, take advantage of this and ask some questions to see if you find a red flag.

2) Tell me about the history of your company?

Most companies that bring years of experience can give you a track record of success and a list of references that you can contact about their moving experience with the company. This reference may shed some light on their ability to do their job. But a simple warning, please don’t use this as your main factor, just because a company is newer does not mean they should be eliminated from the list.

3) What pricing options you offer?

Moving companies can obviously tell you a lot about the moving and are willing to do so. If you encounter someone that rushes you or does not understand their options, you may want to consider this another red-flag.

4) What is delivery schedule?

These details are important; the detailed the better, but make it realistic. If you are doing a long-distance move, this may be difficult to be exact. We recommend that you beware of companies that offer “too good too be true” timelines.

5) Do you do repeat work for individuals or companies your area?

This is a tell tale sign of a reliable and quality job.

6) How will you handle my tv/antiques/china/ect?

Moving companies that have experience know that they will be moving highly valuable and fragile items. Finding out how they handle these is important. Just so you know, this is a test of their knowledge and a test on how your property will be treated. You should expect a thorough answer. If you get one, you can assume they at least know how to move and handle possessions.

7) The last question is for you, is the representative just telling you what you want to hear?

This can be a difficult call to make. For example, if they make a suggestion that is different than your thinking. Does what they say make sense? If it did, it's a good sign the salesperson is someone looking out for your interests.

After these questions have been asked take some time to compare potential movers.

One mistake many people make is deciding solely based upon price. Don't let price ALONE be your guide. In most situations, “You get what you pay for,” so you be the judge. Finally a very elementary but important consideration: which moving consultant worked the hardest for your business? If a company is willing to work hard for you business, then they will be willing to work hard for you.

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