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Reliable Vehicle Shipping - Auto Transport Tips

Before your first Auto Transport experience, there are tips that can make your experience easier. The successful navigation of these points will ensure each a safe and stress free Vehicle Transport experience.

Car Shipping are not supposed to allow personal items in the trunk during transport.

Be sure to inspect your car thoroughly with the Vehicle Shipping driver before you hand over possession of your car. Be sure to note all dents, dings, scratches and rips to the interior and exterior. If this step does not occur, the Vehicle Carriers company is not liable for the damages that occur during transport. You will also conduct a similar inspection upon delivery.

Keep insurance during Carriers; it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, most damage that can happen during Auto Transport conditions is not covered by the Vehicle Transport carriers insurance.

If you are shipping a classic, custom, rare, exotic, or otherwise expensive vehicle, considering enclosed Vehicle Transport may be worth looking into.

Have your vehicle serviced and make sure the gas tank is at or below 1/4 tank prior to Car Shipping.

If your car does not run or has had modifications that impact the sized and standard dimensions of your car, let the Vehicle Shipping company know. This can impact the cost to ship your car because it may take up more room in the Vehicle Carriers truck.

Before you decide on a Carriers company, remember that Auto Transport is no different than any other industry! You will find good Vehicle Transport companies and not so good ones. There are even some terrible Car Shipping companies. Make it your job to look through all the information and find out if the company you are using is a good one or a bad!

The Car Shipping company you choose should earn your business. Here are some tips to help you. Just because a Vehicle Shipping company:

Has a website

Has an 800

Says that they move a high volume of cars

Says that they have a fleet of Vehicle Carriers trucks or the largest fleet of trucks

Give you the cheapest or most expensive price

…does not mean that they are the Carriers company for you.

Any Auto Transport company have or say those things. Truth be told, many of these companies are really good at “selling”! They know how to push the right Vehicle Transport buttons and they are smooth on the phone. They may make you every promise in the world, but the promise of quality Car Shipping has to be experienced fist hand.

The Vehicle Shipping company you choose will be run by someone that may have a bad day. Reliable Vehicle Shipping has learned that you should do your homework before you make a final Vehicle Carriers! Always research and double-check the Carriers company. Always ask questions and do a reference check! You can even Google them because…you may be surprised what you find!

To get more info about Reliable Vehicle Shipping and how we can help you move your car, call our office or fill out one of our Vehicle Transport forms and we will contact you directly!

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